• Web Development Fundamentals

    Learn the fundamentals in 8 weeks.

  • About The Program

    Interested in programming but not sure where to start?


    Learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, Git, JQuery, Bootstrap and JavaScript. Learn about industry best practices, careers in software and begin building basic webpages or projects of your own.

    Week 1

    • Introduction to Web Development
    • Git
    • Github Pages
    • MarkDown
    • Command Line

    Week 2

    • HTML & CSS I
    • HTML & CSS II
    • Static Web Project Using HTML/CSS

    Week 3

    • HTML & CSS III
    • Project Week
    • JavaScript I

    • Web Project I

    Week 4

    • JavaScript II
    • Web Project with dynamic widgets
    • JavaScript III
    • Web Project II

    Week 5

    • JQuery I
    • JQuery II
    • JS Project I

    Week 6

    • Bootstrap I
    • ​Bootstrap II
    • ​Bootstrap Project

    Week 7 and Week 8

    • Final Capstone Project
  • About Your Instructor

    Allen Wyma

    ASP Platform Engineer at Imagine Software

    Allen got bit by Python while in Shanghai and ever since he has been using it in his projects. He has used Python to build systems that communicate with robots and also to compile large amounts of business data into logical reports to present information to stakeholders.


    Specialties: Automation, Pragmatical thinking,
    Ruby, HTML, Javascript, Behaviour Driven Design

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