• Accelerate Infuses Hong Kong with a Refreshing Wave of Tech Talent

    Home-Grown Coding Bootcamp Pushes Hong Kong into the Tech Scene

    Hong Kong: Accelerate, Hong Kong’s first socially aligned education-based start-up, is taking on one of the city’s biggest modern shortcomings: a lack of tech talent.



    In an era where startups rule the realm of digital innovation, sharing economies, and “disrupting industry,” coders have re-defined what it means to be a rockstar globally. However, Hong Kong has struggled to adapt given the the lack of talent depth, significantly hindering the development of Hong Kong’s tech ecosystem. It is particularly glaring when compared to that of Singapore, whose government is known to aggressively support startups, both local and from abroad.



    On his inspiration to found Accelerate, CEO Lavine Hemlani said “There is a massive tech talent gap in the region. Accelerate seeks to empower hungry individuals with immersive education that can move their careers forward in tech. Using “zero tuition until you’re hired” is socially aligned to invest in untapped talent and break the financial barrier that would prevent access to such opportunities. The team and I are inspired to transform the lives of 100,000 students in the next 10 years ”



    Accelerate is the only bootcamp in Asia that allows students to defer tuition until they are placed in jobs; a system that dramatically increases the accessibility of education to those who normally would not have had the opportunity. As a comparison, similar immersive programs charge of US$15,000+ upfront, a major financial barrier that prevents access to new opportunities.



    Accelerate's pedagogy is to replace lectures with an emphasis on practical on-site skillsets that students will encounter upon employment and empower graduates with a life-long learning framework. Accelerate is currently enrolling for it’s third batch of students, having recently graduated the inaugural class of 16 full-stack developers, several of whom have secured full-time software engineering job offers within days of graduation.



    About Accelerate: Accelerate is a socially aligned education startup that bridges the gap between education and employment across innovation verticals including software development, data science, UX, DevOps and product management. Accelerate makes it easy for companies to hire top talent they will not find through traditional hiring practices.



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