• Design Thinking: Product Management & User Experience Certificate

    Transform your ideas into exciting products that influence others in 8 Weeks.

    Beginning October 3rd: Tues/Thurs 7-9pm

    (Central Training Facility)

  • About The Program

    Product managers drive vision, strategy, design and execution.

    Learn how to understand the user journey and acquire tools to transform your ideas, design an MVP and execute Agile sprints in a real work environment. You will receive practical, actionable skills that will be transferrable upon course completion, whether you're an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, or career changer.

    Week 1: Profession and Work

    • Explain course expectations in terms of pre-work, homework, projects, office hours, Schoology, etc. 
    • Product manager and user experience designer: roles & responsibilities, career path, transition, technical and soft skills 
    • Product lifecycle walk-through

    Week 2: Design Thinking and Ideation

    • Problem statements from product manager perspective ·
    • Identify, prioritize and manage stakeholders 
    • Effective stakeholder Interviews 
    • Determine KPI
    • Design thinking in the business context

    Week 3: Research & Interview

    • Product design sprint (research & interview) 
    • User research v.s. competitive research 
    • Effective user recruitment and interview 
    • Competitor analysis to help inform your final project concept
    • Learn from research in an effective way

    Week 4: User Persona

    • Identify trends and insights within your research findings
    • Create user persona 
    • Problem statements from UX designer perspective 
    • Creative problem solving and human-centric design through fast-paced design thinking 
    • Mid-term presentation


    Week 5: Wireframe & Prototype

    • Break down your user goals into more granular user stories 
    • Balance user goal with business and organizational goals
    • Create paper sketches 
    • Create high-fidelity wireframes

    Week 6: Usability Test and Refine

    • Create testing plan and test script 
    • Run usability tests 
    • Identify major takeaways 
    • Make changes to the wireframes

    Week 7: Agile Product Management

    • Introduce agile development 
    • Conduct sprint planning 
    • Effective daily stand-up
    • Continuous learning and iteration 
    • Manage Agile Roadmap

    Week 8: Product Marketing

    • Create a marketing strategy 
    • Share product and market knowledge 
    • Track marketing performance 
    • Final presentation
  • About Your Instructor

    April Yu

    Product Management Lead Instructor

    April has 5 years of product management experience in mobile payment and e-commerce. She co-founded MPayMe which was sold to Powa at $75 million in 2014; now she is working in her 3rd startup on machine learning. She is passionate on helping startups find their unique proposition; build a great team and create existing products and services

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