• Meet some brilliant minds

    We have students with passion and drive transforming their lives.

    Alexandra Axenti

    She left a career in the immigration department to join Accelerate as she knew her job was at risk of being automated. She was looking for a school where her skills would grow and also where her potential as a leader could be unleashed. She also completed a part-time data science elective to get insight into how to combine data and programming to create amazing products.

    David Fung

    Being 56 years old did not stop David from applying to Accelerate to redefine his career trajectory. His ability to quickly pick up on the curriculum has been a great motivation for all students and staff.

    Pace Lee

    Before Accelerate, Pace worked for start-ups such as Oscar health in the United States as a sales associate. He decided to learn programming because he realized a lot of the 21st century jobs are going to get disrupted in the near future.

    Sheeja Sankar

    Before Accelerate, Sheeja worked as Tech support in India. She decided to learn programming because she realized there were so many technical positions for skilled people in the industry.

    Jeffrey Lee

    Before he started his journey learning programming, Jeffrey was a finance professional working as an accountant. He wanted to learn programming so that he could solve problems in Hong Kong one line of code at a time.

    Richard Ng

    Having trained as a civil engineer, Richard was astounded by how much you can apply software development to solve problems, automate and achieve complete independence. He has a passion for fast paced technologies which keep him learning. He is also one of the students taking part in a data science part time course.

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