• Building Elite Talent Across Innovation Verticals

    We bridge the skills gap by identifying sectors with high growth potential but constrained by talent

  • Flipped Learning In The Classroom

    We instil an entrepreneurial 'learn-to-learn' framework through flipped learning.

    Why are Traditional C.S. Degrees Obsolete?

    There are 1 MILLION computing jobs currently open globally


    Consider that 5+ millions jobs in the next five years going to be displaced with automation.


    80%+ of companies say that difficulty in hiring tech talent is hurting their competitive advantage.

    Built for Outcomes.

    What is Flipped Learning?


    Flipped classroom is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering instructional content online.


    Flipped learning forces students and mentors to engage on higher levels of learning, rather than focusing on understanding and remembering knowledge through traditional lectures.

    Educational Philosophies

    Aggregating Industry Best Practices


    Our self-paced peer-led approach proliferates teamwork, grit and communication abilities


    We seek students with a burning desire to take the most advantage of Accelerate and reinvent theirselves.


    Optimised Educational Experiences


    Driving Practical Skills


    We emulate as close as possible a real developer environment with deployable start-up portfolio projects

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