• Why On-Board Your Next Developer With Accelerate?

    We take the time to understand how you define the ideal candidate and customise your on-boarding.


    With the in-depth knowledge gained from 1,000+ hours, our data driven approach matches top teams with the right developers in a way that hours of traditional interviews can’t.

    Benefits include:

  • Why Accelerate Grads Add to Your Bottom Line Faster

    We use a rigorous screening framework to identify the top 5% of untapped talent.

    Ensuring that every Accelerate graduate has the following:

  • On-Boarding Top Talent in Days, Not Months: How?

    Provide your ideal candidates characteristics and traits, a job description an role specifics requirements.

    i.e: Extrovert, Great Communicator, Sales Background etc.


    We then use the attributes you want and match your business with specific candidates and help you narrow your scope for your on-site 2 day work trial .

  • Projects > Interviews

    Traditional technical hiring processes harm both excellent candidates who don't interview well or lack formal credentials as well as companies trying to hire good programmers from a narrow pool.

  • Onboard Your Next Developer: Next Steps

    To schedule your technical consultation, please reach out below or contact us at admin@acceleratedhk.com / +852 6570 3112.

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