• Blockchain

    Learn how to use the world's leading online platform for digital assets

  • About The Program

    Beautiful, intuitive designs are at the heart of every successful product. This bootcamp will train even the most graphicly challenged to create media and content that resonates with customers using modern design software.

    Week 1 - The Basics

    • Intro to the Adobe Suite & Mac Pro Apps
    • Digital Design Basics

    Week 2 - Illustrations and Graphics

    • Adobe Illustrator for Beginners
    • Designing High Impact Graphics

    Week 3 - Photographs and Imagery

    • Adobe Photoshop for Beginners
    • Working with Stock Images

    Week 4 - Print & Publishing

    • Adobe Indesign for Beginners
    • Developing Promotional Print Materials

    Week 5 - Working with Video

    • Final Cut Pro for Beginners

    Week 6 - Designing Digital Applications

    • Introduction to Wireframes
    • Designing a Mobile First Application

    Week 6 - Designing Digital Applications

    • Introduction to Wireframes
    • Designing a Mobile First Application

    Week 6 - Designing Digital Applications

    • Introduction to Wireframes
    • Designing a Mobile First Application
  • What is Blockchain?

    The world's largest shared, permanent, and decentralised ledger

    How does it work?

    The impact of one click

    Blockchain happens across a peer to peer network. One person requests a transaction and it is added to an unalterable blockchain that will last forever.


    What is it and how does it work?

    Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which is used to regulate the generation of units of currency. It operates independently of a central bank and it is stored in the blockchain. The most widely recognized cryptocurrency is bitcoin.

  • Potential Applications of Blockchain

    Blockchain can be used to perform a countless number of job roles






    Media and Entertainment

  • How will this benefit you?

    By taking Accelerate's blockchain course, you can open doors for yourself, that you never thought you could.

    Talent Shortage

    Only 8000 people globally have a full set of blockchain development skills

    In joining Accelerate's full time blockchain development course, you could be the next person to be on the path to having skills that only 8000 people hold globally, placing you as a high demand candidate for any blockchain job

    Days to Minutes

    Take 3 days of work and turn it into minutes of work

    Learning blockchain will enhance the speed at which you are able to carry out a various amount of tasks. It will enable you to do your work at a greater speed with less risk.

    High Demand

    With blockchain technology growing everyday, companies' need for developers is rapidly increasing

    Hong Kong is expected to be at the heart of Blockchain and jobs in this field are expected to increase despite currently having open positions as a blockchain developer but not having the right people with the right skills.

  • About Your Instructor

    Bryan Vaz

    Digital Marketing Instructor

    Bryan Vaz is Managing Director for IMIT Advisory, Asia’s first alternative advisory firm. A former management consultant, Bryan founded IMIT as a platform for growth-oriented organizations to accelerate their strategic projects using templates and detailed project methodologies. His experience spans the entire spectrum of industries, from establishing Scotiabank’s first energy derivatives desk, transforming several US Health and Human Services departments to expanding affordable care to its citizens, to developing a global consolidation plan for Magna, the world’s auto-parts manufacturer.

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