• DevOps Fundamentals

    Highly interactive workshops covering both technical and non-technical aspects of DevOps Practices.

  • About The Program

    6 Weeks. Twice Weekly.


    Learn about the challenges facing companies who are looking to embrace scalable software deployment as well as the architectures and thought processes they can use to address these challenges. Develop and apply Agile best practices.

    Course Overview and Key Takeaways:

    • Development and Operates Best Practise (Prerequisites to DevOps)
    • DevOps Culture and Mindset
    • Cloud Platforms and Microservice Architecture
    • Revision Control and Continuous Integration
    • Automated Testing
    • Configuration Management
    • Automated Deployment
    • Monitoring

      and more.


  • Who Should Take This Course?

    • Developers wanting to understand end-to-end DevOps practices
    • System Admins/Engineers wanting to understand end-to-end DevOps practices
    • Managers who will lead a DevOps Team/Initiative


  • About Your Instructor

    Eric Bryon

    Chief Strategy Officer & DevOps Lead

    Eric has 25+ years of business and leadership experience in Information Systems and Technology. He is a consultant and Agile Coach, specializing in DevOps for Digital Media and Interactive Entertainment. Eric has ~10 years of experience working in the video game industry. He has been living and working in Asia for 5 years and has extensive experience working for and with large multinational companies like Disney and Electronic Arts.


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