• Data Science & Machine Learning

    Extracting Insights from Data Science and Machine Learning in 6 weeks.

    Tuesdays/Thursdays - 7pm to 10pm

    We offer both English and Cantonese Classes

    (Central Training Facility)

  • About The Program

    After completing this course, students will be able to work with massive datasets to extract insight through statistical and machine learning techniques using Python. Learn to formulate questions that drive cutting-edge visualisations and inferences no matter your industry or profession.

    Week 1

    • Introduction to Data Science Fundamentals
    • Introduction to Python Syntax and Structure
    • Applicative Statistics with Python: NumPy and SciPy
    • Basic Statistics
    • Covariance and Correlation

    Week 2

    • AppliedStatistics: Conditional Probability & Bayes Theorem
    • Crash course on Matplotlib
    • Applied Project I: Analytics on a real-life dataset

    Week 3

    • Project Presentation
    • Introduction to Machine Learning
    • Regression Analysis: Linear, Polynomial and Multivariate T-Tests and P-Values

    Week 4

    • Machine Learning II
    • Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning
    • K-Means Clustering
    • Decision Tree Analysis A/B Testing

    Week 5 & Week 6

    • Machine Learning IV
    • Final Capstone Project
  • What Accelerate Students Say

    Student in July - August Cohort

    Securities Division, Leading Financial Services Firm

    "I would highly recommend Accelerate's Data Science & Machine Learning Course. The certificate is a perfect blend of theory and practical application. I can see what I learn in Python applied in multiple applications that benefit me in my full time job and outside data interests. "

  • About Accelerate's Data Science and Machine Learning Instructional Team

    Hands-on mentorship and instruction from industry leaders to build and deploy real-world solutions

    Ricky Lau

    Data Science & Machine Learning Lead Instructor

    (Cantonese Session)

    Ricky Lau is a Data scientist and Fintech enthusiast with 15+ years experience, who specializes in big data analytics, machine learning and data visualizations. Ricky endeavors to drive business intelligence, quantitative modeling, and management reporting from the technical technology end which includes enterprise data warehouse, algorithmic solutions and artificial intelligent.

    Miguel Azuaje

    Data Science & Machine Learning Lead Instructor

    (English Session)

    Miguel works with startups to bring AI systems and technologies into their services and products. Miguel's work includes complex projects applying data science and machine learning to different aspects of value chains as well as participating with research teams, on fields such as Digital Signal Processing, Natural Language Processing, IoT and Deep Learning. He designs and builds computer vision solutions, real-time applications, hardware prototype control systems and Machine Learning Models.

    Patrick Leung

    Data Science & Machine Learning Lead Instructor

    (English Session)

    Patrick enjoys solving problems with statistics and machine learning. He is currently a data scientist at a machine learning startup, specialises in quantitative modelling, text classification and data visualisation. Prior to that, he was a quantitative modeler for 4+ years in the sports trading industry, where he designed and developed predictive models and automated trading tools. Patrick firmly believes in the power of data science and the potential of its profound impact on the world.

    Leo Chiu

    Data Science and Machine Learning Curriculum & Strategic Advisor

    Leo is a hands-on practitioner and a tech savvy entrepreneur. After starting his career at Morgan Stanley's derivatives division in New York, Leo was a core contributor to several big data and artificial intelligence start-ups. The last 4 start-ups lead to a successful IPO or M&A with a combined market valuation of over US$1B. Leo holds a M.S. degree in Management Science and Technology (Operations Research & Engineering Economics) from Stanford. Leo is actively advancing innovation driven entrepreneurship via mentorship programs.

  • Our Data Science Student Gallery

    Our student project gallery showcases work by our students of this course.

    Take a peek — and imagine what you could make possible.

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