• Cloud Architect Bootcamp

    Maximize the value the value of every cloud offering for your business in 4 weeks.

  • About The Program

    Whether you’re a CTO or a CEO, learning to build an efficient and scalable cloud business is key to survival. Use our Cloud Architecture bootcamp to go beyond the basics, and maximize the value of every cloud offering for your business.

    Week 1 - Cloud Architecture Basics

    • Cloud Services you need to know
    • Architecture Basics – Leadership, Communication, Planning and Strategy
    • Designing a comprehensive Cloud Architecture in 30 min
    • How to make cloud work for your business

    Week 2 - Amazon Web Services Essentials

    • How to use AWS offerings to lower cost and scale a digital business
    • Orchestrate digital operations with AWS to lower staffing requirements
    • Key AWS resources to keep you afloat
    • Know your options: Microsoft, Google, IBM, Digital Ocean

    Week 3 - Serverless: Remove the Headache

    • Simplify management by moving to a Serverless Cloud
    • Simplify business operations by connecting SaaS offerings
    • Automate workflows to reclaim your evenings
    • Scale your Cloud offering seamlessly

    Week 4 - Bringing Cloud Together

    • Cloud Security – What you need to know before launch
    • Pool your Cloud Resources to Lower Costs
    • Measuring Customer Usage to fine tune your Business
    • Micro-services principles you can actually use today
  • About Your Instructor

    Bryan Vaz

    Digital Marketing Instructor

    Bryan Vaz is Managing Director for IMIT Advisory, Asia’s first alternative advisory firm. A former management consultant, Bryan founded IMIT as a platform for growth-oriented organizations to accelerate their strategic projects using templates and detailed project methodologies. His experience spans the entire spectrum of industries, from establishing Scotiabank’s first energy derivatives desk, transforming several US Health and Human Services departments to expanding affordable care to its citizens, to developing a global consolidation plan for Magna, the world’s auto-parts manufacturer.

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